Black and White

I went up to the 17th floor
To the rooftop of a hotel with a swimming pool
And I looked out over Santiago
On the thousands of uneven rooftops below
As if you’d be out there somewhere with a sign, saying
True love is waiting for a true heart to find

Instead, close by, underneath a clothesline
Some stories below, a black cat on a highrise
I couldn’t help but to take it as a sign, saying
Fear not the dark, for true love is blind
I was turning to leave, dejected and sad, thinking
She’s somewhere out there, she’s mine to be had

Instead, I turned around and back down I sat
And on that same ugly rooftop, a different cat
White as snow, she sauntered right past
And in that full blazing sun, a pretty strong contrast
I couldn’t help but to take it as yet another sign, saying
You’ll see true light when you open your eyes