Holy Grail Blues

Well, I never even saw the Holy Grail
No, I never lay a paw on the Holy Grail
The only vessel I could find
Was this bottle of wine
No, I never drank a drop from the Holy Grail

Oh, I went swimming in the devil’s sea with an angel’s dream
I served an evil white lady, devoted like a knight to his Queen
If I could just get free, I thought
I’d even pray on their Holy Cross
But it never crossed my mind, no holy water would get me clean

Oh no

Yeah, I came across a secret book written in code
Talking mercury & sulphur, talking transformation recipes of old
I put the mixture in my cup
Swirled it around, and I drank it up
I had visions, oh yeah I had visions, but I didn’t get no gold

I’ll tell you boy, you’re never gonna find the Holy Grail
But what the hell boy, look me up if you live to tell the tale
Won’t you tell me ’cause I don’t know what to believe
I’m just drowning in this devil’s sea
So if you could just spare me a dollar boy, I’ll leave you be