The Devil’s Whistle

We’re going down the hole, we’re looking for the coal
Well, you know where we’re going, down to the Devil’s Whistle
You’d better leave a trail, you’d better bring your pail
’Cause there ain’t no free lunch in hell, boy, down where the devils whistle

Underneath the sea, that’s where you’ll find me
’Til these tunnels set me free from the Devil’s whistle
Down here we’re on our own, ‘cause the bird’s already flown
When he heard that evil drone, he heard the Devil’s whistle

I haven’t seen the sun since I was young
Since my papa made me hum along to the Devil’s whistle
And I’m not even all that old, this is the only life I’ve known
Somebody else must’ve sold my soul, ‘cause all I got was the Devil’s Whistle

Close your eyes and use your ears, boy, and maybe you will hear
Just what happens when the air meets the Devil’s Whistle
That hair-raising howl, sweeping underneath the ground
Oh well mister that’s the sound of the Devil’s Whistle

So people come along, snap your pictures and go home
But first, won’t you listen to my song? And if you’re lucky, the Devil will whistle