The Fool

I was an accident, my Mama told me so
And every once in a while, I think about the winding road
The one that led me here to this land where the crops don’t grow
Well, my Daddy was a sailor and a soldier, or so I’m told
Mama kept me hid away and feared the day that I’d leave home
The world inside these castle walls was all I’d ever known
’Til one day came a rider with painted armor and a shining sword
I knew right then and there I’d follow where he was headed for

I knew he was my brother, though he never told me so
Our Daddy was a wanderer, that was all he’d ever known
He spoke of a noble city, where the light of virtue still shown
And there an ancient goddess reigned upon her silver throne
We rode by day and all through the night, he regaled me with tales of old
Through the deep, dark forest, the blinding snow and the bitter cold
’Til one night there it was, a city glittering with gold
Beside the great wide ocean, there where every river must flow

But Daddy, Daddy
The beach is gone and all the houses are falling into the sea
Daddy, Daddy
The seashells are not quite as pretty as they used to be
And I’ve been thinking that everyone’s beach is sinking
A little further with each wave
But Daddy, oh Daddy your children are not quite ready
To be digging you a grave

We came upon the city gate, a marble arch atop a hill
And there above, she looked down on us with eyes that could heal or kill
Sophia, sweet Sophia, I can see the vision still
One hand held aloft a flaming torch, and the other clutched a sword hilt
The gate swung slowly open, as if following her will
My brother passed under the arch, but I was frozen still
As I wondered, Daddy, would you be there beyond the crest of the hill?
A woman’s voice rang in my ear, and I felt an eerie chill
She said Leave this place, you foolish boy and don’t come back until—
She disappeared, so I’m starting here
I’ll find you, Daddy, I will.