The Road

Kicking stones down the road
Kicking myself for being too bold
I worked up the nerve to kiss you
But you just said I don’t know
Me neither baby, I don’t know
I’ve got my arm around your shoulder
But I’m not really sure what for
I’m trying to focus on the road

Kicking stones down the road
My confusion only grows
How could I feel such emotion
In the face of all your self-control?
Tell me, do you ever just let go?
When you gave me the cold shoulder
You might as well have slapped a muzzle on my nose
No, I won’t kick any more stones down the road

By the lake skipping stones
Where the local dogs rest their bones
With its looming volcano
This town is so totally retro, like a postcard home
Well, am I in love with you? I really do think so
Now when you nuzzle me you puzzle me
You keep me walking on tiptoes
’Til I can’t think anymore down the road

Walking back in the sun
Picking berries for lunch
Picking up where we left off
Well I guess you’re not the one
At least that’s some resolution
Cue the sunset, end the scene
This whole setting is too serene
I gotta keep on walking down the road