The Wasteland

Daddy, I’ve been traveling and I’ve seen a lot of things
But there’s no one who ever spoke of you, at least not where I have been
I followed the winding road of the wild southern wind
But I’ve seen enough, so I’m headed north to find me a woman
When I got home the castle was overgrown and crumbling
Oh Mama, where’ve you gone? No, I don’t wanna be an orphan
So I set off for the city built by wise and noble men
But they’d left it abandoned to the tide of the ocean

Daddy, Daddy
The beach is gone and all the houses are falling into the sea
Daddy, Daddy
The seashells are not quite as pretty as they used to be
And I’ve been thinking that everyone’s beach is sinking
A little further with each wave
But Daddy, oh Daddy
Your children are not quite ready to be digging you a grave

’Cause the world is getting a little warmer
And the tide is rising a little higher
And all of time’s been leading up to this point
But this point is coming a little too soon

That night, as if in a dream, I wandered through the ruins
And in the flooded chapel, I saw a blind and wounded king
He said I’ve been holding on so long, pretty soon I’ll have to give in
But only he might lift the curse who carries the light within
This torch I’ve carried through the years is barely even lit
But before I die, this flame of mine must find its guardian
So until then, it’s my fate to wait in cursed suffering—
The vision passed, but I never asked how I might rescue him